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French classes connected online anywhere anytime

Class connected to you, anywhere, anytime.

My French Teacher, a premium provider of French language courses is based in H

ong Kong. We focus our objective on providing high quality online language teaching.

We are able to conduct French courses from the comfort of your place, at the convenience of your office, and we can conduct the lesson via your phone, computer or tablet. My Fr

ench Teacher provides lessons to you anywhere you are located in the world, and through  the most convenient medium.

In today’s ultra busy and highly connected world  we live in, learning French  class  online is a convenient and feasible way of learning. Unfortunately, the teaching standard

and quality might not always be at the desired level. However, My French Teacher ensures each and every one the utmost standard and quality that our discerning students deserve.

French class and high technology

French courses online from a cafe place

With the help of the ever-improving array of technology, My French Teacher incorporates and utilizes technology such as audio, screen, and video sharing. We ensure our online French classes in Hong

Kong are conducted in very efficient and effective manner.

Skype online classes and others software

In addition, there are more and more new software

appearing in the online teaching market. Indeed, there is not only skype now, but also Vox

on, Oovoo, and that are enabling new ways of sharing documents online, as well as communicating via video and/or audio.

Nowadays, efficient technology and new software­­­­­ enable online French class

es in Hong Kong to be conducted in a very effective way, while keeping the classes at reasonable prices.

In addition to the 1-hour weekly online French class, the software used by My French Teacher, such as skype, Voxon, etc., act as a vehicle for the student and teacher to stay co

online skype classes anytime with My French Teacher

nnected during the week. Indeed, teacher and students can keep in touch and exchange information and

feedback to improve the

quality of the learning process.

I’ve always thought learning french would be difficult, because of all the exceptions in the language, but Anthony has made learning French fun with the practical and interactive word games. And the sharing of the additional French cultural information adds more ‘dimension’ to the whole learning process. Additionally, the use of Evernote allows someone like me, who travels a lot, to still be able to refresh the classes on-the-go. So far, it’s been a great start to my French learning experience.

Mary Yeh
Corporate Ethics and Compliance Manager, Asia Pacific Region