Native French  speaker / Certified French tutor

French students in Hong Kong learning with French teacher in a coffee shop and having fun.

French Tutor in Hong Kong

Native French speaker

We are native French speakers. Every single teacher is French and graduated in France. It is important because it assures you a perfect grammar, correct French syntax etc.. plus, it guarantees you that teacher holds the French culture and can teach you that as well.


Certified French Tutors

Every single teacher has been working in education for over 15 years in France and Hong Kong. Graduated in “French as a foreign language” or “Education and Teaching” diploma, our French tutors know French but more than that they know how the learning process and adjust the class, the methodology accordingly the level, the age, the need of the students. Indeed, being French is not enough to be a good teacher! Each French tutor reaches the professional requirements needed to be able to teach efficiently.


French culture of the shopping in Paris and enjoying French life style in Hong Kong.

French Culture in Hong Kong

Beyond French vocabulary, the French culture

The “My French Teacher” team wants to share their passion. Living in Hong Kong for 10 years, our French tutors call this city home and aspire to develop a real French speakers’ community. It is ensuring you a steady and long term learning perspective with French tutors who are already set up in Hong Kong.

We will conduct your private class at  your office or  home, or any  coffee shops or restaurants in your preferred area– and always at your convenience.

Beyond  learning only  how to speak French correctly, which is the first objective, teaching  French  is a process to access to French culture, to understand the way French people live and think in their daily lives, and  certainly a way to see the world differently.


 “Having a new language is having a new soul.”



For Kids, teenagers and adults, Our French tutors will teach you something different  and it will stay with you in your studies,  through your career, and on your travels.

Beyond the grammar, the syntax, the orthography, learning French is always thinking French and understand the French culture.

Our French tutors involved in the French community

There are continuously  new French people arriving in Hong Kong all the time and, thus, many French events are created: wine, movies, music and more.  With all this energy and cultural opportunities, now learning French in Hong Kong makes more sense now than ever!

Our French tutors are involved in the different events, they organize drinks and diners in new French places. They will let you know about the new shop, different coming up areas.


We absolutely loved learning French from MyFrenchTeacher! Our French tutor makes the class extremely interactive and fun.

Learning a language isn’t one of our strengths, but their use of movies, music and games really helped us.

While he has a structured program, he was also extremely flexible and willing to change the class to meet our personal requirements.

Despite both of us working in completely different industries (Media and Trading), our French tutor made the effort to teach us terminology relevant to both businesses.

His enthusiasm is infectious and therefore we looked forward to every class!

Aarti Jitender & Natasha Jitender
Producer - Bloomberg & Director - UIL Hong Kong Ltd