Taylor-made French courses

You learn what you need

My French Teacher is a private tutoring school that aims to help people and businesses master every aspect of the French language.

Since the desire to learn French may stem from a number of reasons, our French tutors cater our classes to meet the individual needs of students and businesses.

My French Teacher has built tailor-made courses where students learn French vocabulary and practical knowledge for specific topics and situations.

Our french tutor team has created 5 different, customized classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students. Schedules are crafted to meet the time requirements of the individual and can be done regularly, once a week or on a more intensive basis.

Learn French for traveling in France, in Paris with specific French vocabulary, focus on French transportation, French accommodation, French touristics places.

1. Tailor made French words/speaking for traveling

Students will learn vocabulary necessary to travel to and around French-speaking countries. The french tutor will go through the transportation and practical questions and answers students will need to know to have conversations in restaurants, while dealing with taxi drivers, locating main tourist attractions etc.

The French tutor will put you in real situations using role play so students get a sense of what it will be like when they are traveling. This will build their confidence and help them practice the French words and phrases they’ve learned.

Indeed, basic French knowledge is a must when you travel to France and other French-speaking regions. It will save you time, money and will make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

French classes focus on French gastronomy, French vocabulary to order in restaurant

2. Tailor made French for gastronomy / food world / ordering at the restaurant

My French Teacher will focus on every aspect to French gastronomy. Students will learn key words and vocabulary specific to French cuisine and get a taste of the rich, historic culture behind French gastronomy. Your French tutor will look at famous Parisian restaurants, famous chefs and local recipes of each provinces.

Beyond food and gastronomy, students will learn about French dining etiquette including how to read a menu, make inquiries regarding the menu, place orders and convene any  dietary requirements.

This will also include table etiquette and how to effectively communicate with the restaurant’s waiting staff.

Learning these key aspects of French culture and gastronomy will help students get a real taste of France and enjoy all the famously refined, high-quality and delicious food the region has to offer.

3. Taylor made French for fashion and shopping

My French Teacher will focus on the glamorous world of French fashion. Students will learn about French fashion culture, famous designers and the historic rise of fashion houses from Chanel to Dior and Louis Vuitton.

Your French tutor will also look at France’s contemporary fashion scene and it is power to set global fashion trends.

Additionally, students will learn French vocabulary that will be useful while they are shopping like asking for assistance, inquiring about different styles, sizes and preference.

French courses focus on French wine vocabulary, French wine heritage in HK

4. Taylor made French words / French vocabulary for wine

My French Teacher will focus on wine and the traditions surrounding this key aspect of French culture. First, students will learn about the most famous names, chateaux, provinces from where the France’s world-renowned wines originate. Then, students will  learn the historic culture behind France’s famous wine culture and how it’s becoming a global phenomenon.

Finally, student will also learn the French wine vocabulary, etiquette when drinking French wine and the right terminology to use while drinking and describing wine.

French classes focus on business French vocabulary, French marketing, French corporate in Hong Kong

5. Taylor made course for French business vocabulary

French is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the corporate world, so My French Teacher focuses on helping students learn French that will help them advance in professional lives and industries. 

Our French tutors teach business terminology and vocabulary that pertains to a number of sectors whether its marketing, trading, graphic define or statistics.

Plus, we’ll also look at the cultural nuances of working for or with French associates and companies.

I’ve always thought learning french would be difficult, because of all the exceptions in the language, but MyFrenchTeacher have made learning French fun with the practical and interactive word games. And the sharing of the additional French cultural information adds more ‘dimension’ to the whole learning process. Additionally, the regular interaction with my French tutor allows someone like me, who travels a lot, to still be able to refresh the classes on-the-go. So far, it’s been a great start to my French learning experience.

Mary Yeh
Corporate Ethics and Compliance Manager, Asia Pacific Region