French beginners level in Hong Kong

French student beginner focuses an online French class

Beginner level: A key stage of the learning process

My French Teacher, a school dedicated to providing high quality private French tutor language courses, for all level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. However, we built a specific program for French beginner’s level, for both kids and adults.

At My French Teacher, we believe that beginner level is the most important stage in the learning process. Therefore, your french tutor places extra emphasis on developing and structuring the beginner’s level courses to ensure maximum

effectiveness and success in students’ learning process.

In order to learn French successfully, students need to have a solid foundation and understanding of the basics of the language. Those will be fundamental building blocks to master the new language.  At My French Teacher, our methodology is based on the belief that the french tutor should give students various “keys”. They help students to succeed from the very beginning of the learning process and, more importantly, give students motivation to keep learning.

Motivation necessary for beginners

Learning French should be a mid- to long-term process, in order to have meaningful results and adequate level of proficiency. Therefore, motivation is the key to success in learning French.

Kids, adults, women, or men, each student will respond to different motivational triggers, especially at the beginning of a learning process.

What’s more, every student always remembers his/her french tutor and his/her first foreign language class, regardless of whether it was good or bad. Thus, a French beginner’s learner, feeling “joy” during the first hour, will be more motivated to keep learning.

Reach the students needs

My French Teacher makes sure to connect the student with his/her needs and desires.  We put him/her on the right track to achieve a successful result. Plus, the french tutor identifies individual strengths and weaknesses of each student, in order to tailor the teaching methodology accordingly.

Beginners French students studying on her tablet at home with online plateform.

Beginners find meaning in real situation

French Beginner’s learner will start with easy, simple words, making simple sentences student NEEDS and LIKES. The teacher is setting up a relevant situation. The Goal is to make students comfortable and confident in his/her newly acquired language abilities. For instance, using context better than word to understand, using similarities between French and English. It could be as well a way to learn to describe something with simple words, instead of asking for the direct translation.

French tutor helps students realize how many things he/she is already able to explain with simple words. My French Teacher will be focused on a regular routine and later on add some details and additional words.

Every advanced learner used to be beginner, but he/she was a happy beginner student willing to keep going.

Different tools for Beginner to catch and keep them in

Different tools will be used to motivate French beginner’s learners.


–        French beginner’s video: short movies, video clip, famous French scene.

–        French beginner’s audio: easy, repeating songs, simple famous French speech

–        French beginner’s reading: simple stories, reviews, specifics text, brochures, magazine, situations adjusted to students needs.

French beginners level kid starting to enjoy learning French at My French Teacher


–        French beginner’s video: French comics, fun video clip, French children’s cartoons.
–        French beginner’s audio: French child songs, repeating fun songs, simple lyrics.

–        French beginner’s reading: French child books, magazines, fun text.


Beyond the 1-hour weekly class, French beginner’s student will be connected during the week to the teacher. Indeed, the online platform and the french tutor requests will push the beginner to keep in touch with  class and contents.

MyFrenchTeacher have transformed the traditional mundane way of learning the French language into interesting immersion learning. Sean really enjoys the fun interactive games incorporated in class and the computer-based grammar absorption program. Learning French has never been more fun! We love the French tutor and his classes!

Sean Poon
12y old, HKIS Grade 7