For your school

We provide a French teacher to your school!

We provide a French teacher to your school!

My French teacher provides a French teacher to schools located in Hong Kong. Our teachers are under visa, French native, certified from the French education minister. Either you have French classes in your curriculum or as an extra school activity, our teacher can come onsite or online to provide classes. We follow the GCSE, IPC program and local curriculum.

We work already with some schools in Hong Kong such as the French international school: www.fis.edu.hk, Holly Trinity school www.htps.edu.hk/tc and we would love to expand it further with your establishment. 

French as part of the curriculum or as Extra  Curricular Activities


If the school decides to only set up French as an extra school activity, our teachers can come to your school to stay online after teaching hours. In this case, different options can be offered to the school in terms of class objectives. Indeed, we propose different approaches focused on separate topics: 

  1. basics – introduction
  2. French culture
  3. A1 requirement CERC
  4. Taylor-made to a specific project (school trip, famous characters etc..)


If the school decides to set up and integrate French classes to their curriculum, our teacher will come during teaching time and will be part of your team. My French Teacher will build the full program for your school in terms of curriculum with different levels, objectives to achieve according to the grades. Thus, we will build for you a level progression cursus from reception years and then grade 1 to grade 11 for instance. We will consider different options upon to your case:

  1. Ib curriculum and objectives for each level/grade
  2. GCSE curriculum and objectives for each level/grade
  3. CERC requirements levels
  4. Adjusted to your schools needs/projects
French diploma: GCSE French, delf, dalf prepared with My French Teacher in Hong Kong


MyFrenchTeacher have transformed the traditional mundane way of learning the French language into interesting immersion learning. Sean really enjoys the fun interactive games incorporated in class and the computer-based grammar absorption program. Learning French has never been more fun! We love the French tutor and his classes!

Sean Poon
12y old, HKIS Grade 7