Free French app for adults.

Free French app: Duolingo

Learn French in five minutes a day with Duolingo’s game-like lessons. The bite-size French lessons adapt to your learning style and the interactive exercises, this free French app provides instant feedback to help you improve your French skills on the spot. This free French app allows you to earn virtual coins, unlock new levels and watch your score rise as you master new words, phrases and grammar.


Free French app: Babbel

Offering conversation-based lessons, this free French app is currently offering six months for free when you sign up for a six-month subscription. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, this free French app male you learn the basics or focus on topics such as travel, culture or business.


Free French app: French Pod 101

From students to seasoned speakers, this free French app incorporates culture and current issues into their free podcasts which are an innovative way of learning French at your own pace. This free French app also has a YouTube channel with more than 640,000 subscribers offering hours of free content.


Free French app: TV5 Monde

Take your pick from more than 2,000 exercises! This free French app created exercises from clips from programmes on the French television network TV5 Monde. This free French app allows you to practise your vocabulary, grammar and listening skills with the exercises, videos and games which are free for everyone, whatever their level.


Free French app for children.

Free French app: OpenLearn

Produced by The Open University, OpenLearn languages courses are free French app to study and available to start straight away. Courses include Beginners’ French: Food and Drink; Intermediate French: Understanding Spoken French and Advanced French: At the Science Museum in Paris. This free French app ranges in length from five to 20 hours.


Free French app: Rosetta Stone

School-age children can enjoy free French app learning with a Rosetta Stone language course which is offering free access for three months while schools are shut. This free French app will get instant feedback on their pronunciation and parents will be able to see how they’re coming along with progress data and printable reports.


Free French app: Super Movers

This free French app from BBC Teach helps children get active with curriculum linked videos on a range of subjects, including French. The KS1 and KS2 selections include Premier League footballers helping teach pupils French greetings.


Free French app: The French Experiment

If your children can understand a little French already, this free French app has translated some classic children’s stories into French which are read slowly by a native French speaker. You can read along in French or English. This free French app includes Stories such as Les Trois Petits Cochons (The Three Little Pigs) and Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood).


We absolutely loved learning French from MyFrenchTeacher! Our French tutor makes the class extremely interactive and fun.

Learning a language isn’t one of our strengths, but their use of movies, music and games really helped us.

While he has a structured program, he was also extremely flexible and willing to change the class to meet our personal requirements.

Despite both of us working in completely different industries (Media and Trading), our French tutor made the effort to teach us terminology relevant to both businesses.

His enthusiasm is infectious and therefore we looked forward to every class!

Aarti Jitender & Natasha Jitender
Producer - Bloomberg & Director - UIL Hong Kong Ltd