French online tutor: Which skills for a good french online tutor.

Getting a teaching certificate doesn’t guarantee that your tutor will be a good French online tutor, therefore you need to detect his skills/qualities which will be added up to his classes.

French online tutor has Pedagogy. 

  • The different process set up by the teacher relative to the objectives and problems identified by him, would certainly make a big difference in your improvement. However, it is a difficult thing to evaluate as a student. You can anyway ask your teacher about it and see if his answers and his point of view. 

French online tutor has the patience. 

  • Indeed a good teacher  will be a patient one. And when there are difficulties and problems, he will always put himself in question. Each student gets this rhythm in the learning process and the teacher will have to respect and adjust the pace of teaching accordingly.

French online tutor has the empathy.

  • Teaching with a certain empathy makes it easier for the student to learn but as well to build a stronger relation between the student and the teacher. Indeed a student will be more confident with a teacher who cares and really listens to him/her. This confidence will help for the learning process, especially for speaking practice.

French online tutor has skills and training in new technologies.

  • Today, the internet is a fabulous opportunity for teachers to enhance their classes through new technology on the web. Indeed, there are lots of websites offering games, quiz, video, songs, integration with students etc… 
  • However, to be used efficiently, the teacher really needs to put effort into knowing the best website and then he needs to integrate it into his teaching methods. Indeed it won’t be enough to simply add exercises from the internet into the class.
  • Moreover, the online class supposes that the teacher knows how to efficiently use Zoom, skype, google hangout etc…  In addition, teachers will have to master the online sharing network system to keep class available for the student and create thus the interaction.

French online tutor has sympathy.

  • Obviously, your teacher needs to be sympathetic and motivated. His/her energy will be, without a doubt, a fabulous leitmotiv for you and useful for your learning process. Learning is the main thing in the class and it will be so much easier in a good and fun atmosphere created by a sympathetic and motivated teacher.

We absolutely loved learning French from MyFrenchTeacher! Our French tutor makes the class extremely interactive and fun.

Learning a language isn’t one of our strengths, but their use of movies, music and games really helped us.

While he has a structured program, he was also extremely flexible and willing to change the class to meet our personal requirements.

Despite both of us working in completely different industries (Media and Trading), our French tutor made the effort to teach us terminology relevant to both businesses.

His enthusiasm is infectious and therefore we looked forward to every class!

Aarti Jitender & Natasha Jitender
Producer - Bloomberg & Director - UIL Hong Kong Ltd