French online tutor: Specifics for a good french online tutor.

French online tutor will be a teacher indeed but as well he will have some specificity very important to emphasize and notice when you choose your French online tutor.

French online tutor and the student have a good online connection.

  • To start well with online classes students and teachers need to be sure the connection is stable and with high speed. You can check your internet connection speed on several websites. Just a little delay would be acceptable to pursue your class in a comfortable situation.


French online tutor has good new technology gear.

  • To be able to teach online properly, the teacher will need to invest in equipment, such as a good webcam, some nice headset and a good quality well functioning computer. 
  • Moreover, he can as well subscribe on  free or payable different educational websites to enhance his teaching methods.


French online tutor must have the knowledge of the educational online resources.

  • Teachers’ knowledge will depend on his involvement, experience and his training. Plenty of options exist nowadays to practice, repeat, working on speaking and writing understanding such as : videos, music, games, quizzes, classes, organisation software. With a correct knowledge of those contents, it will definitely make a difference in the learning process and the students’ improvement.

French online tutor must organize the online teaching during and between classes.

  • Teachers who are experienced in online teaching will know how to use the online tools as a connector between the classes. Students will be able to revise their classes and to improve on their own with the right online guidance.

French online tutor must be happy to be online!

  • The teacher need to be aware of the professional and personal  opportunity that online tutoring offering to him. Indeed, nowadays this work mode is very flexible, international and highly efficient. Therefore, the teacher should see it as a wonderful benefit for him and his career and as a disadvantage. His happiness would result on your class and your improvement..

We absolutely loved learning French from MyFrenchTeacher! Our French tutor makes the class extremely interactive and fun.

Learning a language isn’t one of our strengths, but their use of movies, music and games really helped us.

While he has a structured program, he was also extremely flexible and willing to change the class to meet our personal requirements.

Despite both of us working in completely different industries (Media and Trading), our French tutor made the effort to teach us terminology relevant to both businesses.

His enthusiasm is infectious and therefore we looked forward to every class!

Aarti Jitender & Natasha Jitender
Producer - Bloomberg & Director - UIL Hong Kong Ltd