French online tutor: First, need to be a good teacher .

As you know already, profile of teacher’s profile can be pretty different. Nevertheless, there are criterias which can help you in your final decision.

French online tutor has diploma

  • There is in France a very specific exam to be able to teach French for foreign students. This degree is a master, called French as Foreign Language, in French: “FLE”. It is pretty specific and actually does not exist in other countries for other language. Therefore, a primary teacher, or secondary is not a FLE teacher and years of experience in teaching in schools worth almost zero in order to be a FLE teacher.

Thus, it is very easy for you to find out if the teacher gets the “right” certificate:

Option 1: DAFLE, 1 year training through French alliance.

Option 2: Master FLE, 5 years training in University.

We obviously recommend option 2.

French online tutor has experience

  • Usually an experienced teacher will be able to find out quickly your weakness and will be able to adjust his teaching and set up specific exercises. Therefore, you will need to check the number of years of teaching  and check as well details of professional experiences. Thoses years of experience represent a price to pay in a way in comparison with a newbie teacher.

French online tutor has a level of education.

  • If you are a total beginner and you focus on a specific exam which is related to a verys specific criteria of success, your teacher level won’t be such a big issue. However if you are an intermediate level or advanced one, you will need a teacher who has a certain level of graduation to help you achieve step by step.

French online tutor is around: Distance.

  • Try to get a teacher who lives in the same part of the world than yours. Indeed, you don’t really want to deal with the time difference when you set up your classes.

French online tutor has a pricing.

  • There are all types of prices for French online classes. Therefore, you need to set up a budget and see what is the best you can have for it. In order to reduce the cost for each student, even with online classes, you can set up groups and share the screens. A maximum of 4 students in this setup seems to be fair to allow each participant to interact, speak and learn efficiently during your class.

Price for Private french online Classes can be from us10 to us50 around the world.  A first free trial class can be a good opportunity to “feel” the connection with your future teacher.

MyFrenchTeacher have transformed the traditional mundane way of learning the French language into interesting immersion learning. Sean really enjoys the fun interactive games incorporated in class and the computer-based grammar absorption program. Learning French has never been more fun! We love the French tutor and his classes!

Sean Poon
12y old, HKIS Grade 7