1. Connected society, connected French class.

Learning French became more and more related to easy and convenient technological tool. At home, at your office, in a coffee shop, the traditional French book is nowadays supported by webcam, interaction games, online exercises etc… As we evolve in a society more and more remote and more connected at the same time, it is natural that French online classes followed this trend, however, we can wonder if the quality of the teaching remains the same.

          2. Guaranteeing principles of efficient teaching.

More and more french teachers are moving from private French classes face to face towards private French skype class. This technological support is setting up the mains keys of the teaching process guaranteeing an efficient method and effective improvement.

Indeed, the key of learning French is tailored made class, regularity, repetition and structured lessons given by professional, friendly and patient French native teachers. It is crucial to take private lessons regularly if the student wishes to see quick and real improvement.

In addition of those crucial aspects, French skype class offers other benefits.

          3. Additional benefits to the traditional teaching method.

Students using French skype class can enjoy the following: scheduling the lesson at any time of the day, saving time on travelling to a language school, learning from a comfortable environment, experiencing a very interactive and visual lesson with the webcam and the chat box (that works like a blackboard in a classroom), focusing more on the sounds of the language, receiving notes of the lesson, and homework sent by email in between the lessons by the teacher.

The student just needs to be present in front of their computer or tablet and let the tutor guide them.

At My French Teacher, the tutors are professionals, French natives (but all speak English) and are located either in Hong Kong, China, Europe, US, or Canada.

They understand how challenging it can be to learn another language, that’s why they make learning French at home fun and easy through French skype class.

Some of the teachers are experts in preparing the students to pass the DELF/DALF or the TCF ANF (or French nationality test) exams. Others focus more on teaching children.

I’ve always thought learning french would be difficult, because of all the exceptions in the language, but MyFrenchTeacher have made learning French fun with the practical and interactive word games. And the sharing of the additional French cultural information adds more ‘dimension’ to the whole learning process. Additionally, the regular interaction with my French tutor allows someone like me, who travels a lot, to still be able to refresh the classes on-the-go. So far, it’s been a great start to my French learning experience.

Mary Yeh
Corporate Ethics and Compliance Manager, Asia Pacific Region