Pros of French tutor in Hong Kong.

#1 French Tutor in Hong Kong  gives You the Most Value for Your Time and Money.

In a language tutoring scenario, you’re likely going to be paying a native speaker (or a skilled non-native) to spend his or her time helping you improve your skills in the target language.

This means that you are the focus of every session, and the vast majority of each interaction should be dedicated to your wants and needs as a learner. Often, this also means that you can direct the content of your learning according to your own likes and interests, and away from topics you care less about. 

#2 French Tutor in Hong Kong Keeps You Accountable to Your Learning

When you hire a French Tutor in Hong Kong, you’re literally exchanging your cold, hard cash for one-on-one language practice time.

No one likes wasting money, so when you hire a French Tutor in Hong Kong, you’ll quickly find that you’re much more motivated to participate, do the work, and get as much value out of each session as possible.

This works similarly for the tutor, too; since they’re receiving money, they’ll want to do a good job helping you, in order to keep getting paid. For as long as you engage in a language tutoring relationship, the exchange of money will keep both you and your tutor showing up and ready to work hard.

#3 French Tutor in Hong Kong Has a Built-In Feedback Loop

When you work with a French Tutor in Hong Kong, the dynamic can be similar to the teacher-student one you experienced while in school: you do the work, and the tutor/teacher gives you feedback on your performance.

While this isn’t the most comfortable dynamic, it allows for an easier exchange of questions, feedback, and constructive criticism than is possible in a friendly language exchange.

Since you’re essentially paying for feedback, you’re less likely to be surprised, discouraged or offended when you get it.

#4 French Tutor in Hong Kong are (Usually) Qualified and Experienced Teachers

In the majority of cases, you will hire a tutor because they have certain qualifications—either they’re certified to teach your target language, or they have lots of experience helping people learn your target language. Or both!

​This experience means that the language tutor will be more effective at helping you improve your language skills, especially when compared to an untrained language exchange partner.

#5 French Tutor in Hong Kong Are Easy to Hire

While it may take some coaxing to turn a random native speaker into an engaged and interested language exchange partner, hiring a language tutor is generally a much smoother process.

For the French Tutor in Hong Kong, each session is paid work, so it’s in their best interests to find time in their schedule to meet with you. Many language tutors often use scheduling and payment processing apps to streamline the hiring and session booking processes.

Cons of Language Tutoring:

#1 French Tutor in Hong Kong Costs Money

While language exchanges only cost time, language tutoring costs both time and money. This alone is the reason why most people shy away from hiring language tutors—they simply cannot afford it!

To make things worse, rates are not standardized either. Depending on the tutor’s experience level, country of residence, and a large number of other factors, the amount you pay per session can vary widely from tutor to tutor.

#2 French Tutor in Hong Kong May Require Preparation or Outside Work

Like classroom teachers, it’s not uncommon for language tutors to require you to complete some amount of homework or prep work between sessions. Often, this is a good thing; your tutor wants you to improve at a rate beyond what is possible with your in-person meetings.

However, having extra work to do outside of each meeting means that you’ll have less time and energy to do other things. It’s a worthy trade-off, most of the time, but when you’re short for time, it’s hard to think of homework as anything other than an annoyance.

#3 French Tutor in Hong Kong Aren’t (Usually) There to Be Your Friend

When you meet with a tutor, there’s a clear separation of roles: you, the “student” are there to learn, practice, and receive feedback. Your language tutor on the other hand, is often the “teacher”, meaning they guide, instruct, and give feedback.

This hierarchy, coupled with the fact that you’re paying your tutor money, can make it difficult for a genuine friendship to develop outside of your tutoring relationship. 

#4 French Tutor in Hong Kong Can Vary Greatly in Quality

No two language tutors are the same. Each one you meet will have it’s own style, pace, preferred teaching content, experience level, and so on. To further complicate things, it’s usually impossible to know in advance if a tutor and his/her unique traits will be a good fit for you.

To find a language tutor that’s a good match for you and your needs, you will often have to conduct trial lessons with several tutors before settling on one for the long term. This kind of trial and error is almost always worth it, but it can be costly.

#5 Language Tutoring Requires a Committed Schedule

Compared to language exchanges, language tutoring is a much more formal endeavor. Your tutor is there to help you and get paid, so you’ll be expected to show up on time and ready for each session, with minimal cancellations or reschedulings.

I’ve always thought learning french would be difficult, because of all the exceptions in the language, but MyFrenchTeacher have made learning French fun with the practical and interactive word games. And the sharing of the additional French cultural information adds more ‘dimension’ to the whole learning process. Additionally, the regular interaction with my French tutor allows someone like me, who travels a lot, to still be able to refresh the classes on-the-go. So far, it’s been a great start to my French learning experience.

Mary Yeh
Corporate Ethics and Compliance Manager, Asia Pacific Region