Solving Specific Problems with a private french tutor

A French tutor enables you to address very specific areas within your course that you may be finding difficult, much quicker than you would be able to within a classroom. Private tutoring is much more focused on the individual and the tutor can adapt the sessions to tailor them to the individual’s needs.

Increased confidence

Confidence is very important for people of all ages and abilities, as it enables you to progress much further and achieve goals that you thought were never possible. More and more students need a one to one situation to build up confidence. A private french tutor could enhance those confident situations. French tutors give students the opportunity to ask any questions they wish and therefore, are able to grow immensely in confidence.

French tutor help to improve grades and learning process

Improving grades and learning French is ultimately why students seek a private French tutor. Private tuition has a significant impact on student’s grades and increases the student’s chances of gaining a top grade within their subjects. Tutors can explain the most difficult questions within the subject on a one to one basis and allow the student to ask questions, which helps them grasp the difficult concepts on the subject.

Private French tutors offer flexible working environment

Private tutoring allows the student and tutor to conduct the tutoring sessions in an environment that suits them both. The learning environment for a student is very important and tutors that are extremely passionate about the subject they are tutoring should provide a positive and relaxed learning environment.  

Private French tutors promote responsibility and continuous feedback 

Once students start private tuition, they will see improvements very quickly and in turn, start to realize their full potential. The French Tutor should give students the responsibility to ensure they are working towards short and long-term goals. This will help the student take complete ownership of their work, which again will help towards meeting their targets. Some students prefer to have continuous feedback to ensure they are progressing and working towards passing their assessment/exams.

What I most appreciated was they gradually but firmly try to make you improve. My French tutor teaching style is informative but fun and hence not too overwhelming. They are always bringing new ideas to the class and making the learning process continually both challenging and interesting. They correct your mistakes in a manner that does not make you feel like you are not grasping / retaining the information.

I needed to learn as much as possible in a short period of time given I was travelling to French speaking countries and the intense 20 hours i did with My French Teachers’ really helped make my trip much better and easier. 

Kilian Nielsen
Vice president for Finance Technology, Morgan Stanley