Learn French language: Tips to help you to achieve it.

Learn French language tip 1: Enroll in a French language course

Now, not so many people will concur with the idea of enrolling in a language class. Most will see it as a waste of time and money. But all things considered, this comes with a lot of benefits because for starters, you’ll have professionals teaching you the foreign language. 

Truth be told, there are languages out there that are tough to master even with all the tricks and tips laid on the table. The best part is that you don’t have to learn a foreign language in a physical classroom. Indeed, online language courses are convenient and cheap at that. As you can see, a language course comes as a full package. In a nutshell, you have nothing to lose. 


Learn French language tip 2: Start Easy And Don’t Complicate Things

First off, speaking French language, let alone reading the words fluently, can prove to be challenging. You’ll want to start easy and learn the most common words used. These may include greetings and appreciative remarks. Grow out of it by learning joining words and build your way up to more complex words and phrases. Keep repeating these words in your head and play them till they stick. Paris was not built in a day and learning French language is no exception. It’s all about creating the time for it and trusting the learning process. 


Learn French language tip 3: Have Fun While At It!

Learning a new language shouldn’t be an all serious business. You’ll make a few mistakes, point of correction, a lot of mistakes when pronouncing some of the most, inarguably, hilarious words that could bring out a different meaning. Embrace this but be keen not to overdo it. You could also interest yourself in pronouncing words and phrases in a new accent. This is what makes learning a foreign language more interesting. Among other interesting things you might consider (that actually work) when learning aFrench language include:

  • Watch French movies but ensure that they have subtitles
  • Engage your foreign friends in a game of scrabble, in the French language!
  • Go crazy with karaoke
  • Train with song lyrics
  • Follow recipes written in your target language and see how it goes

Learn French language tip 4: Invest In French Friendships

Not that you are to date a native person or anything but having a friend or a lover – for that matter – can prove to be useful when learning French language. Friends will help you in constructing meaningful sentences and they’ll correct you whenever you make a mistake with your pronunciations. This could be through online chatting platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Whatever your inclinations, you’ll always have someone to help you make sense out of the most challenging words. Be sure to ask as many questions as you possibly can. 



Learn French language tip 5: How About Google Translate? 

Living in such a technologically advanced society has its perks. Today, you have Google Translate as your French language teacher. So grab your notebooks and let’s get started. Actually, you don’t need a notebook or a physical classroom with Google translate. All you need is an internet-enabled device and you are all set. With google translate, you can type any word in your language, and on the other side, Google will translate it for you in whichever foreign language you choose. 

I’ve always thought learning french would be difficult, because of all the exceptions in the language, but MyFrenchTeacher have made learning French fun with the practical and interactive word games. And the sharing of the additional French cultural information adds more ‘dimension’ to the whole learning process. Additionally, the regular interaction with my French tutor allows someone like me, who travels a lot, to still be able to refresh the classes on-the-go. So far, it’s been a great start to my French learning experience.

Mary Yeh
Corporate Ethics and Compliance Manager, Asia Pacific Region