Our teachers participate in the My French Teacher educational program. In different primary schools around the world, they teach and make short educational movie on the school with local teachers and kids to raise awareness and teaching them about different cultures. These videos greatly assist the local teachers to later educate other children on geography, cultural differences, history etc.)


Our team is doing this project totally for free for the schools and the teachers work on voluntary basis.

10% of your class fees goes to finance this project.


My French Teacher team  has already visited  over 10 primary classes all around the world including:  Mozambica, France, India, Peru, South Africa, Bolivia, Thailand, Mexico and more. First of all, our teacher can teach and exchange with kids during their visit.

You can watch here the different movies we have already completed on our previous programs:

We absolutely loved learning French from MyFrenchTeacher! Our French tutor makes the class extremely interactive and fun.

Learning a language isn’t one of our strengths, but their use of movies, music and games really helped us.

While he has a structured program, he was also extremely flexible and willing to change the class to meet our personal requirements.

Despite both of us working in completely different industries (Media and Trading), our French tutor made the effort to teach us terminology relevant to both businesses.

His enthusiasm is infectious and therefore we looked forward to every class!

Aarti Jitender & Natasha Jitender
Producer - Bloomberg & Director - UIL Hong Kong Ltd